Watch John Carpenter in 'The Director's Chair'

The El Rey Network has shared the first episode of their new series In the Director's Chair, hosted by Robert Rodriguez, who sits down one on one to interview legendary director John Carpenter.

You can watch the full 45-minute interview in the player below (then click here to read our own interview with Carpenter)!

Your Halloween Christmas 2014 Gift Guide

Behold, our ultimate Christmas gift recommendations for the Halloween fanatic in your life!

Read on for our top picks of the hottest Halloween releases of 2014, all of which you still have just enough time to order and get under the tree.

Hollywood Collectibles Announces Michael Myers Statue for 2015!

Hollywood Collectibles Group is proud to present the definitive Michael Myers statue – as he appeared in the iconic 1978 horror movie Halloween!

This amazingly detailed 1:4 scale statue captures the psychotic killer in classic pose – bloodied knife in hand attacking his latest victim! The HCG Exclusive version also includes a matching double sided nameplate with “Halloween” on one side and “the night he came home” on the other.

Jamie Lee Curtis To Star In 'Scream Queens' from 'American Horror Story' Creator!

Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis is returning the genre that made her famous, as it was announced today that Curtis will star in the upcoming new series Scream Queens, along with Scream 4 killer Emma Roberts, set to debut in the fall of 2015 on Fox from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy.

EW reports: Scream Queens is a new horror-comedy anthology series with a debut season that revolves around a college campus that’s rocked by a series of murders.

Halloween Toys: Michael Myers Figure by McFarlane [Photo Gallery]

One of our all time favorite Halloween collectibles ever released is the totally badass Michael Myers figure by McFarlane Toys, which arrived in 1999 as part of their Movie Maniacs Series 2 line.

This figure is beautifully detailed, featuring The Shape in attack mode, knife in hand, complete with a Jack-O-Lantern accessory replica of the one seen during the opening credits of John Carpenter's Halloween. Check out our photo gallery below!

11 Directors Bringing 'Tales of Halloween' Anthology To Life

A hot bit of news that we missed during the excitement of Halloween weekend is that a new anthology of 10 different stories all set in the same neighborhood on the same Halloween night has just begun production with 11 different directors taking on the individual segments in Tales of Halloween.

The directors, known as "The October Society", include Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate), Neil Marshall (The Descent, Game of Thrones), Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider), Joe Begos (Almost Human), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV), Adam Gierasch (Night of the Demons), Andrew Kasch (Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy), Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red), Ryan Schifrin (Abominable), John Skipp (Stay at Home Dad), and Paul Solet (Grace), with Kasch and Skipp co-directing one of the 10 shorts.

Explore 'Halloween' Filming Locations Today

Small Town Pictures has shared a new video this week, featuring a tour of many of the filming locations of John Carpenter's Halloween in South Pasadena, California, which doubled for the fictional town of "Haddonfield" in the film.

You can watch the video in the player below!

'Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack Skellington ReAction Figure [Photo Gallery]

Priced at around $10 and inspired the classic Kenner line of Star Wars action figures from the 1970s, Funko's new ReAction figures are pretty much impossible to resist, so I was extra excited to see that my local Walmart recently updated their stock with the addition of some of the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, including the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington.

Despite some unfortunate damage to the beautiful back card (it was the last one on the shelf), I didn't hesitate to take Jack home with me, knowing he would have to be opened soon enough anyway, if only to let my 7-year-old (also a fan) play with it for a little while.

Check out our photo gallery below!

John Carpenter Releasing 'Lost Themes' In February 2015

John Carpenter gave us all a treat on Halloween day when he shared this link to a free stream of his new track "Vortex" from the prolific composer's upcoming new album, Lost Themes, which will be released on February 3, 2015.

You can view the cover art above (click to enlarge) and then listen to a stream of "Vortex," read what Carpenter has to say about Lost Themes, and see the track list below!

Michael Myers Stops By 'Tonight Show' For 'Halloween' Rap

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon had a very special guest for their Halloween episode last night, when Michael Myers appeared during The Roots' hip hop version of the Halloween theme! Check out the clip in the player below!


He has been called the Master of Horror, but John Carpenter is truly a master of the art of cinema, an auteur of uncompromising vision and talent that is the lifeblood of each of his works. He is an artist that uses every corner of the cinematic canvas, from the soundtrack score usually composed by the director himself to those long widescreen shots that pull you into the world on screen. He has an unapologetic voice, cutting through the cluttered history of generic Hollywood blockbusters to find a much more substantial success and the eternal audience adoration reserved for only the classics.

With at least one notable exception, most of his movies did not break records at the box office, but they have since found a much larger, far more loyal audience, and they are easily watched more today than ever. He is a rebel who never played the Hollywood game to begin with, making his films his way, most often without studio support, doing more with a $300,000 budget in 1978 than most directors could pull off with ten times that amount, only to create new standards that have come to define each of the genres he has entered.

He is not only my favorite director of all time, but even more a personal hero that has defined more of my life than he will ever know, so when the opportunity to interview Carpenter arrived this past summer, I was just a little excited.

[Interview] Daniel Farrands Reveals 'Halloween 6' and '7' That Could Have Been

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is one of the most divisive films in the Halloween franchise, with as many diehard fans that love it as those haters who consider it one of the worst in the series, but few know just how different it all could have been, what really happened behind the scenes, and where it would have gone in the next movie.

We caught up with Halloween 6 writer Daniel Farrands last month, just as the infamous "Producers Cut" was finally being released as part of The Complete Collection box set (read our review), and Farrands was happy to take us back to Haddonfield in an extensive and candid conversation about his original vision of The Curse and where it could have gone in his Part 7.

We also talked about the legacy of Michael Myers, as well as the future of the franchise and Daniel's involvement with it(!). Read on for our full interview with Daniel Farrands!

'Halloween 4' Replacement Discs Offered Due To Audio Sync Issue

The new Halloween: The Complete Collection 15-disc Blu-ray Deluxe Edition box set is easily the must-own release for horror fans this year, but it has come to light that the audio sync is slightly off during about 10 minutes of Halloween 4, starting around the 46:00 mark, which has lead Anchor Bay and Scream Factory to issue replacement discs to fans who bought the new collection.

You can read the complete press release below.

'Honeyspider' Premieres In North Carolina [Photo Gallery]

The new independent horror film Honeyspider, which takes place on Halloween night in 1989, had its world premiere screening last night at the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina, not far from where the majority of the movie was shot.

Directed by Josh Hasty and written by Kenny Caperton, owner of the Myers House NC (a life-size replica of Michael's home from John Carpenter's Halloween), Honeyspider has number of screenings scheduled this month in hopes of finding distribution soon. We've got a ton of images from the premiere, shot by Traci McLean, in our exclusive photo gallery below!

[Interview] Kim Gottlieb-Walker Takes You 'On Set With John Carpenter'

Kim Gottlieb-Walker is about to release the ultimate love letter to director John Carpenter, an intimate new book containing hundreds of rare photos captured by Gottlieb-Walker during her years as the director's on set photographer, giving Carpenter fans an amazing look at what it was like to be there when The Shape first appeared on screen or when Plissken first hissed the line "Call me Snake". 

After making her name as an underground counterculture photographer in the late 1960s and following Bob Marley around for a few years in the '70s, Kim Gottlieb-Walker was hired as the official production photographer of John Carpenter's Halloween in 1978, and she would remain on Carpenter's crew through many of the most popular films that followed, including The Fog, Escape from New York, and Christine, as well as Halloween II.

Her new book, On Set with John Carpenter, is a perfect collector's item for fans of the writer/director/composer, but it is also a time capsule transporting readers back to an era before the digital age of cell phone cameras and internet gossip blogs hungry for spoilery content from the sets of Hollywood productions, a time that today's teen moviegoers have absolutely no memory of.

We caught up with Kim earlier this month to discuss her own favorite memories of Carpenter, what it was like to witness the master at work, and what treats readers will find in her beautiful new book. Read on for our full interview with photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker!