Power of 'Exorcist' Compels Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Universal Orlando announced yesterday the second maze of its 2016 Halloween Horror Nights, bringing the classic demon of The Exorcist to the park for the first time ever this fall.  

Michael Aiello, Universal Orlando's director of Creative Development for Entertainment, says, "The film is a benchmark in so many ways. It was the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture. It helped lead the charge in a sequence of 'demonic child' storylines. And it has often been replicated in many horror films today, irrefutably placing it among the kings of influential horror pop culture.
And now that influence has found its way to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights in an all-new haunted maze. 

[Interview] Malcolm McDowell on Transforming Dr. Loomis

Malcolm McDowell is a legendary actor with numerous iconic roles in a wide assortment of classic films to his credit, and when he took over the part of Dr. Sam Loomis in the two most recent Halloween movies, it was a surprisingly fresh and sometimes controversial take on a beloved character within horror's biggest franchise, a brave portrayal of the tragic hero.

Malcolm McDowell is Dr. Sam Loomis in 'Halloween' (2007).

When we caught up with McDowell at the Mad Monster Party horror convention last month in Charlotte, North Carolina, we got a taste of what we can expect from his next collaboration with Rob Zombie in the upcoming Halloween-themed 31, and we discussed how he approached playing Dr. Loomis and his own suggestion to Zombie that they completely transform the character for the 2009 sequel.

Read on for our interview with Malcolm McDowell!

[Interview] Bill Moseley Moves Into 'Death House'

From the manic Chop Top in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 to the deadly, Halloween-loving Otis in House of 1,000 Corpses, he is the highlight of some of our most beloved classics, completely becoming another outrageously prophetic nightmare each time he embodies a twisted character, often unrecognizable from film to film, except for that unmistakable voice. Being one of our favorite on screen performers, when we caught up with our friend Bill Moseley at the Mad Monster Party horror convention in Charlotte, North Carolina last month, we were excited to get the scoop on his new role in the genre ensemble Death House, as the iconic actor also discussed the responsibility of being cool toward fans.

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HauntFest Show Bringing Halloween To Texas In August

A new Halloween-themed convention is coming to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex this summer, as the Halloween and HauntFest Show takes over the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas in August.

A cash and carry consumer Halloween show with a projected attendance of 3,000 attendees, the Halloween & HauntFest Show is the premiere Halloween event in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, "a gateway event to the Halloween season". 

[Fan Film] 'Michael Myers: Absolute Evil'

There are literally hundreds of Halloween-inspired fan films on the internet, and Halloween Daily News is excited to showcase some of the best and most original that we have seen.

Today we're featuring MichaelMyers: Absolute Evil, a unique and extremely effective take on the classic mythology of the entire Halloween franchise that couldn't be more timely considering the current national obsession with "true crime" entertainment. 

Halloween Horror Nights Announces 2016 'Texas Chain Saw' Maze

Universal Orlando announced yesterday the first maze of its 2016 Halloween Horror Nights, bringing Leatherface back to the park this October for a new attraction based on the 1974 classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

"You will walk through the iconic Texas farmhouse and experience Leatherface’s kills from the 1974 slasher film. You will desperately try to escape as the violent roar of his chain saw surrounds you. You will hear the cries – and see what remains – of Leatherface’s other victims. And you will come face-to-face with Leatherface himself."

ScareLA Announces Elvira as 2016 Horror Host

ScareLA, the annual Halloween industry convention that takes place in Los Angeles each year, recently announced horror icon Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, will be their first ever horror Official Horror Host to headline the 2016 event, meet and greet with attendees, and stir up some epic dark magic this summer.

This August 6th and 7th, Elvira will join more than 10,000 Halloween fans, dark specialty vendors, and scare industry masterminds, creeping through the 100,000-square-foot show floor.

[Interview] Tony Moran on the Legacy of Michael Myers

Tony Moran may have only appeared on screen for a few seconds in John Carpenter's Halloween, but  he will be remembered in cinematic history as the human adult face of Michael Myers forever, a legacy Moran is proud of, though he initially turned down the brief role and never even knew he would be wearing a mask at all until he was on set in 1978. 

Tony Moran is Michael Myers age 23 in 'Halloween'.

Tony Moran is officially credited as playing "Michael Myers (age 23)", joining a unique collaboration of talents that physically brought the iconic masked killer to life in the original Halloween movie, including Nick Castle (credited as "The Shape") who plays Myers in the most scenes, as well as production designer Tommy Lee Wallace for many key scenes in which parts of the set had to be damaged, Will Sandin as "Michael Myers (age 6)", stuntman Jim Winburn for the climactic fall off the Doyle house balcony, and even co-writer Debra Hill for the child-sized hands in the opening. 

[Interview] Dee Wallace Enters 'Death House'

A horror dream project is finally becoming reality as the ensemble Death House, originally conceived from a story by Gunnar Hansen, began filming this week in Pennsylvania, uniting many of our favorite icons of the genre, including the always versatile and recently Emmy nominated Dee Wallace.

From her classic performances in E.T., Cujo, The Howling, and The Hills Have Eyes, to more recent collaborations with Rob Zombie in Halloween and The Lords of Salem, we were beyond excited to get to catch up with Dee Wallace for a brief chat following her Q&A panel at the Mad Monster Party horror convention in Charlotte, North Carolina last month. She revealed exclusively to Halloween Daily News that her character in Death House is "a different kind of bitch", among other teases that have us anticipating the film more than ever. 

Read on for our interview with Dee Wallace! 

Watch P.J. Soles, Tony Moran 'Halloween' Mad Monster Panel [Video / Photo Gallery]

Two of the stars of John Carpenter's Halloween, P.J. Soles and Tony Moran (pictured below), participated in a lively and unpredictable Q&A panel during the Mad Monster Party horror convention, March 25-27, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Soles of course plays Lynda in the classic movie, while Moran is credited as Michael Myers for the scene in which Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) rips off the infamous mask of her psychotic stalker.