[Interview] 'Halloween 6' Writer Daniel Farrands on the Producer's Cut Finally Coming Home

On September 29, 1995, the sixth entry in the Halloween movie franchise Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers opened in theaters. Today, 19 years later, we are celebrating last week's first ever official release of the original version of the film, known as the "Producer's Cut", as part of the epic Complete Collection Blu-ray box set (read our review) .

Just yesterday, we talked to Halloween 6 writer Daniel Farrands extensively about both cuts of the film, the long road for the Producer's Cut to finally get its proper release, and his involvement in the future of the franchise. You can check out a preview of our chat with Farrands below, and then come back in October for the full interview!

Go Inside The Myers House at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 24

Universal Studios Orlando has released a new video that takes you inside this year's Halloween House attraction at the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights 24.

The haunted house looks pretty awesome, with numerous Michaels stalking around every corner, imagery from many of the films, and even some little kid-sized trick-or-treaters wearing the classic Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III.

[Blu-ray Review] 'Halloween: The Complete Collection' is Killer Beauty

Fans of the Halloween franchise know well that the most astonishing thing about the massive new Halloween: The Complete Collection 15-disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray release arriving this week is that it exists at all. Rights held by differing studios for years made just the thought of an official box set impossible to consider before now, and yet here it is in all its awesome glory, thanks to an unprecedented partnering of Anchor Bay and Scream Factory, the genre’s two biggest home entertainment houses.

We were blessed with an advance copy of The Collection, which we have been devouring for the last week and found to be an epic must-own for devoted fans and any casual viewers wondering when or if they should upgrade their DVDs to the Blu-ray format, though it is still not exactly “Complete”.

'Trick 'r Treat' Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl

Waxwork Records has announced via their Twitter account that they will be releasing the original soundtrack the classic Halloween movie Trick 'r Treat, composed by Douglas Pipes, on vinyl, and revealed the killer cover art by Francesco Francavilla!

No additional details other than the cover (pictured above) have been announced yet, but you can check out the tweet below, which promises more information coming this week.

'Halloween 6' Double CD Expanded Soundtrack Cover Art Revealed

Composer Alan Howarth (Halloween II-6) announced last month that he would be releasing an expanded double CD his soundtrack to Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, including both his original Producers Cut score and his revised version for the Theatrical Cut, and he has now revealed the official cover art, which you can check out below.

You can scroll down to view the track listing on the back cover as well!

First Look At 'Halloween: The Complete Collection' [Photo Gallery]

This past #MichaelMyersMonday, we were pleasantly surprised to open our front door here at Halloween Daily News headquarters to find a very special treat on our doorstep, as the awesome folks at Anchor Bay and Scream Factory were kind enough to send us the brand new Halloween: The Complete Collection 15-disc Deluxe Edition Blu-ray box set to preview for you!

While you wait for our full review as we're digging into this massive set this week, we have had a huge response to the initial photos we posted on social media and many of you have requested to see more of the stunning artwork and packaging details, so scroll on down for our photo gallery of this killer beauty!

(Click an image to enlarge.)

Halloween Haunt 'The Houses October Built' Reveals Official Trailer!

Destined to be a new Halloween movie classic to add to your collection, the official trailer arrived online today for The Houses October Built, about a documentary crew exploring the most extreme haunted houses in America that ultimately finds everything they are looking for and more!

The trailer looks really good, and it doesn't hurt the it promises this film will be drenched in Halloween-flavored atmosphere.

Spirit Halloween 2014 Store Preview

A yearly tradition for our family to kick off the Halloween season is our annual trip to the nearest Spirit Halloween store in our area, and this year, we figured we would give you a preview of what we found.

You can watch our video preview of what's in store at Spirit Halloween in 2014 in the player below!

Cypress Hill Calls Out Michael Myers on "Rise Up"

The Halloween legacy has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years, and we want to pay tribute to each one of those shout-outs in a new regular feature here at Halloween Daily News, this time focusing on the 2010 track "Rise Up" by rap pioneers Cypress Hill featuring former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello!

Following the second chorus of the song at about the 2:50 mark, the boogeyman himself Michael Myers is clearly referenced by Cypress Hill founding rapper Sen Dog when he breaks out the line "I go psycho, crazy Michael Myers, I set the stage on fire".

John Carpenter's 'Halloween' ReRelease Theater Listings Announced

We have just learned of the first confirmed theaters that will be showing John Carpenter's Halloween during its (now annual) limited re-release this October.

The earliest showtimes listed so far start on October 18 in America, and as early as October 1 in Canada. Other international screenings have been announced as well.

John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Returns to Theaters October 2014!

The one... the only... the CLASSIC is coming back to theaters again this October!

It was announced just minutes ago, via the HalloweenMovies Facebook page, that John Carpenter's Halloween will again return to limited theaters across the country this October.

14-Year-Old Director Unleashes Halloween 'Carver' Teaser

Call us Emily DiPrimio's new biggest fans, as the 14-year-old director's teaser trailer for her Halloween-themed slasher Carver has us all kinds of excited.

DiPrimio got a lot of press last year (at age 13) for her Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to make her feature film, which is now finished about to be unleashed on us all.

Michael Myers Stalking Universal Halloween Horror Nights 24

Confirming our story from back in July, Universal Studios Orlando tonight officially announced that Michael Myers will be stalking his way through the Halloween house at this year's 24th annual Halloween Horror Nights!

You can check out the promo video in the player below.

Danielle Harris Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge "Totally Naked"

Halloween icon Danielle Harris has completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, releasing her video today and taking her cold shower "totally naked", before challenging Rob Zombie, WWE's Kane, and Jen and Sylvia Soska. Check it out in the player below!

Who's next?

Tyler Mane Does ALS Icebucket, Challenges Rob Zombie, Danielle Harris, Scout Compton

The ALS Icebucket Challenge continues to dominate the internet, and the latest to post a video is Halloween's own Michael Myers himself, Tyler Mane, along with is pal Jason X writer Todd Farmer, who put a fitting and hilarious horror spin on the challenge. Check it out in the player below!

Mane went on to challenge his Halloween director Rob Zombie and co-stars Danielle Harris, and Scout Taylor Compton to take the ALS Icebucket Challenge next, so stay tuned to see their responses!