Mad Monster Party Horror Con Returns To Charlotte, NC

The annual Mad Monster Party horror convention returns to Charlotte, North Carolina in March with another killer lineup of genre favorites, including Dick Warlock of Halloween II, Gunnar Hansen of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Sid Haig of House of 1000 Corpses, Doug Bradley of Hellraiser, Tobin Bell of Saw, plus Batman and Robin icons Adam West and Burt Ward, along with many more.

The 4th annual Mad Monster Party horror convention returns to the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina the weekend of March 27-29.

Danielle Harris to Host 'Girl on Girl' for GeekNation

Horror icon and Halloween favorite Danielle Harris is about to start hosting her new Girl on Girl show for GeekNation, featuring the actress interviewing other killer women, and we just learned when you will be able to check it out.

GeekNation told us today via Twitter that the first episode of Girl on Girl with Danielle Harris will begin shooting next week and is expected to start airing in April. UPDATE 2/27/15: Danielle Tweeted us tonight that she is "shooting now"!

Adam Green Clarifies 'Halloween' Comments

In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit yesterday, director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) was asked about a recent story by Starbust in which Green expressed his desire to direct the next Halloween movie and offered an opening scenario, but he says his quotes were taken out of context in an interview that was meant to be about his newest directorial effort Digging Up The Marrow.

In response to a fan question about his "proposed Halloween film", Green responded: "I never actually proposed a Halloween film. That was all just spun into a "story" from a writer looking for hits and traffic to their site and story. At the end of an hour long MARROW interview the writer asked as a 'just for fun'... if you could take on an existing character or franchise which one would you pick?"

Adam Green Wants To Direct New 'Halloween' Movie

Director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) says he wants to direct the next Halloween movie, has met with the producers in recent years, is great friends with the newly announced writers, and even has pitch ready to go! 

Starburst is reporting that they spoke to Green while he was on is recent tour promoting his latest film Digging Up The Marrow, and they got quite a lot from the director. Whether or not you like Green's prior films, I personally love his idea of how to re-launch the franchise.

'Bates Motel' Season 3 Promos Scream 'Psycho'

The latest promo for the upcoming Season 3 of the A&E series Bates Motel exclaims that Norman will become "the son he was always meant to be", capping a very Psycho-heaving promotional campaign this year.

You can watch the new promos for Season 3 of Bates Motel below, and then let us hear your thoughts in the comments! Personally, I can't wait until someone named "Loomis" shows up.

First 'Scream Queens' Teaser Takes A Stab

The first official teaser video for the upcoming new Fox series Scream Queens, starring Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween, The Fog) and Emma Roberts (Scream 4, American Horror Story) and from the creators of American Horror Story and Glee, was premiered online fittingly on Friday the 13th.

While the very brief teaser features no actual footage from the show (filming has not yet begun), it does give us a good idea of the playfully bloody tone to expect from this "horror comedy". Watch the teaser in the player below, and then let us hear your thoughts in the comments!

Friday the 13th: Steve Dash Calls Kane Hodder "Ultimate Jason"

When many of the cast members of some best loved Friday the 13th movies gathered in Virginia Beach in November of 2012 for the second Blood at the Beach Horror Convention, we were there to bring you the following report on what it was like creating the legacy of Jason Voorhees and helping to make a scary hockey mask synonymous with the infamous date!
Ron Millkie, Steve Dash, Amy Steel, Adrienne King, and Kane Hodder at the 'Friday the 13th' panel at Blood at the Beach, Nov. 11, 2012 in Virginia Beach. (photo:
Ron Millkie, Steve Dash, Amy Steel, Adrienne King, and Kane Hodder at the 'Friday the 13th' panel at Blood at the Beach, Nov. 11, 2012 in Virginia Beach. (photo:
Most people tend to forget that Jason did not actually show up and start slashing teen victims until Friday the 13th Part II, which was released in 1981 as the first of many sequels to the 1980 landmark original.

[Movie Review] Face Your Nightmares Inside Robert Englund's 'Fear Clinic'

As a fan of Robert Englund's too often unsung acting talents far beyond his work as Freddy Krueger, I also fully enjoyed director Robert G. Hall's Laid to Rest films, so I was pretty excited to see these two in action together in the new thriller Fear Clinic, which is out on Blu-ray this week from Anchor Bay.

I have never seen the web series that the film is based on, which might be the wrong way to enter this Clinic, but I was too excited to throw on that shiny new Blu-ray last night, and I was not disappointed.

'Saw' Writers To Recalibrate New 'Halloween' Movie

Happy #MichaelMyersMonday! We have some breaking news for you this evening that genre favorites Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (Saw 4-7, The Collector) have been hired to write the new Halloween movie, which will NOT be a remake, reboot, or re-imagining, but what one source has called a "recalibration"!

THR reports that Malek Akkad will once again produce, along with Matt Stein, while Bloody-Disgusting has since added that the next film in the Halloween franchise is no longer being considered to be in 3D, and it will NOT be a sequel to the Rob Zombie films.

So what do you all think of this news?!? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments!

[Movie Review] 'Honeyspider' Is Old School Halloween Horror Done Right

Set on Halloween in 1989, Honeyspider is a slow burning old school horror film that feels like it was made in that era, adding authenticity to an already gooey mix of tension and mood that elevates this debut feature from director Josh Hasty far above its meager budget.

While there are a few obvious nods to Carpenter's Halloween early on, we  would expect nothing less of writer Kenny Caperton, who owns and lives in The Myers House NC (a life-size replica of Michael Myers' home), and the fun genre references are just beginning.

See All Trick or Treat Studios New 2015 Masks

Trick or Treat Studios has revealed its entire 2015 catalog of new Halloween masks, costumes, props. and accessories, prior to the Halloween Expo in New Orleans this month, and we have compiled photos of all of this year's killer new additions for you to browse right here!

You can view images of all the 2015 new releases below, and then be sure to click here to read our interview with Trick or Treat Studios president Chris Zephro!

Neca Snake Plissken 8-Inch Action Figure Arrives

Arriving at retailers this week is Neca's georgeous new 8-inch posable Snake Plissken action figure, inspired by Kurt Russell's iconic portrayal of the character in the classic John Carpenter film Escape From New York.

You can view more images of this beauty below, and then click here to order yours!

'Family Guy' Episode Celebrates 'Halloween 4'

The Halloween legacy has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years, and we want to pay tribute to each one of those shout-outs in an ongoing regular feature here at Halloween Daily News, this time focusing on a 2011 episode of Family Guy that gives some serious props to Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers!

In the 13th episode of Season 10, titled "Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream", Peter is thrilled to learn that his local TV news anchor Tom Tucker is secretly George P. Wilbur, who played Michael Myers in Halloween 4, which is Peter's "favorite movie ever". It even features a classic clip from the film, featuring Wilbur as Myers and Danielle Harris as his niece Jamie Lloyd.

[Interview] Trick or Treat Studios' Chris Zephro Reveals 2015 Masks

In recent years, Trick or Treat Studios has quickly established itself as the best producers of high quality yet affordable Halloween masks for fans and collectors, including the many looks of Michael Myers over the years and dozens more of your favorite horror icons, in addition to hundreds of stunning orignal designs. 

Owner and president Chris Zephro is currently unveiling the official Trick or Treat Studios 2015 catalog this month, in preparation for the upcoming Halloween Expo in New Orleans in February, but when we caught up with Chris via telephone earlier this week, he gave us an exclusive preview of what's coming this year, and dropped a huge announcement that an original Halloween Michael Myers mask is coming in 2016.

Read on for our full interview with Trick or Treat Studios owner and president Chris Zephro, as we discuss Halloween, Trick 'r Treat, American Horror Story, Rob Zombie, and much more!

'Halloween III' Invades 'Amazing Stories' Episode

The Halloween legacy has been referenced in popular culture numerous times over the years, and we want to pay tribute to each one of those shout-outs in an ongoing regular feature here at Halloween Daily News, this time focusing on a Halloween III: Season of the Witch theatrical poster that we spotted in the background of a scene from a 1985 episode of Steven Spielberg's classic anthology series Amazing Stories!

In the fourth episode of Season 1, titled "Mummy, Daddy", an actor still stuck in his Mummy movie costume races to the hospital before his wife gives birth, but a real mummy has other plans. You can clearly see the Halloween III poster (as well as those from a few other genre favorites) in the background during one sequence (pictured) at a gas station, where a horror fan attendant gets spooked by the costumed actor.