'Honeyspider' Premieres In North Carolina [Photo Gallery]

The new independent horror film Honeyspider, which takes place on Halloween night in 1989, had its world premiere screening last night at the Gem Theatre in Kannapolis, North Carolina, not far from where the majority of the movie was shot.

Directed by Josh Hasty and written by Kenny Caperton, owner of the Myers House NC (a life-size replica of Michael's home from John Carpenter's Halloween), Honeyspider has number of screenings scheduled this month in hopes of finding distribution soon. We've got a ton of images from the premiere, shot by Traci McLean, in our exclusive photo gallery below!

[Interview] Kim Gottlieb-Walker Takes You 'On Set With John Carpenter'

Kim Gottlieb-Walker is about to release the ultimate love letter to director John Carpenter, an intimate new book containing hundreds of rare photos captured by Gottlieb-Walker during her years as the director's on set photographer, giving Carpenter fans an amazing look at what it was like to be there when The Shape first appeared on screen or when Plissken first hissed the line "Call me Snake". 

After making her name as an underground counterculture photographer in the late 1960s and following Bob Marley around for a few years in the '70s, Kim Gottlieb-Walker was hired as the official production photographer of John Carpenter's Halloween in 1978, and she would remain on Carpenter's crew through many of the most popular films that followed, including The Fog, Escape from New York, and Christine, as well as Halloween II.

Her new book, On Set with John Carpenter, is a perfect collector's item for fans of the writer/director/composer, but it is also a time capsule transporting readers back to an era before the digital age of cell phone cameras and internet gossip blogs hungry for spoilery content from the sets of Hollywood productions, a time that today's teen moviegoers have absolutely no memory of.

We caught up with Kim earlier this month to discuss her own favorite memories of Carpenter, what it was like to witness the master at work, and what treats readers will find in her beautiful new book. Read on for our full interview with photographer Kim Gottlieb-Walker!   

Dick Warlock Joins Mad Monster Party 2015

The Shape is coming to North Carolina, as the Mad Monster Party horror convention has announced a killer additon to their growing guest list for 2015, with Dick Warlock, who played Michael Myers in Halloween II, joining the party.

Warlock joins Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Tobin Bell (Saw), and more to be announced at the 4th annual Mad Monster event in Charlotte, NC.

AMC Fearfest Airing 'Halloween' Parts 1-6 Marathon

AMC's annual Fearfest kicks off this Friday, Oct. 17, but the real fun starts on Monday night, Oct. 27, when Michael Myers arrives and a Halloween week marathon of the first six Halloween movies begins.

Read on for the full schedule of when you can see all six of these Halloween films on Fearfest during Halloween week 2014!

[Interview] Michael Myers Cosplayer Jeff McLean Joins 'Honeyspider' Cult

Jeff McLean is more than Halloween fan, but rather the kind of genuine lover of The Shape that he has spent countless hours in character as Michael Myers, appearing at numerous conventions and public events over the years, and now this month, Jeff is taking off the mask to go in front of the camera for the new Halloween horror film Honeyspider.

We spoke to Jeff earlier this year about being Michael Myers at a horror convention, his love of all things Halloween, and joining the Honeyspider cult. Read on for our full interview!

Watch John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis 'Halloween' Q&A at Beyond Fest

A very special screening of Halloween took place at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood earlier this month as part of Beyond Fest, featuring a live Q&A panel with writer/director/composer John Carpenter and the film's star Jamie Lee Curtis discussing their memories of the 1978 classic that started it all.

You can watch the entire Q&A in the player below!

Waxwork Records Announces 'Trick 'r Treat' Vinyl Soundtrack

After teasing it the past few weeks, Waxwork Records has now officially announced their upcoming release of the awesome Trick 'r Treat soundtrack by Douglas Pipes on vinyl, and it's coming with a sweat treat.

The expanded double LP will include over an hour of music mastered for vinyl and supervised by the composer, but that's not all. Read on for full details, listen to samples below, and then scroll down to view new images of the variants!

[Interview] Daisy McCrackin Talks 'Halloween: Resurrection' and Michael Myers

As Donna in Halloween: Resurrection, Daisy McCrackin suffered a grisly and very creepy death at the hands of Michael Myers, but the actress tells us that her experiences on the set of the eighth entry in the franchise were nothing but positive, leaving her with fond memories of her feature film debut.

Click here for Part 1 of our interview, where Daisy tells us about her deleted shower scene and what it's like to be killed by Michael Myers, and then read on for Part 2 of our interview, where we discuss the legacy of Michael Myers, working with Busta Rhymes, and the perfect parting gift to the cast from Jamie Lee Curtis!

Get Your Michael Myers Horror Hanger Halloween Decoration

Artist Trevor Henderson has released his own new Halloween decorations he calls Horror Hangers, styled after the classic cardboard jointed wall hanger skelingtons, featuring many of your favorite modern horror movie icons, including the Boogeyman himself, Michael Myers.

The decoration is roughly 25 inches tall when stretched out and is printed on 100-pound glossy card stock, connected with brass fasteners, and packaged in a clear plastic bag with paper header.

[Interview] Adam Hann-Byrd on Jodie Foster and His Favorite Horror Movies

We had a lengthy and candid conversation with Halloween H20 actor Adam Hann-Byrd earlier this year, where we discussed everything from practical jokes on the set, working with Jamie Lee Curtis and her mom Janet Leigh, and the infamous "CGI" Michael Myers mask, all of which you can read about in Parts 1 and 2 of our interview, but in today's final installment we are moving outside of Haddonfield.

Adam made his feature film debut in Little Man Tate, playing director and co-star Jodie Foster's son in the 1991 film, so we asked what he as an 8-year-old child actor learned from Foster (also a former child actor) that has stuck with him ever since.

'Nightmare Before Christmas' Oogie Boogie Figure [Photo Gallery]

Since many of our readers seem to be enjoying the recent product photo galleries we have posted, we figure we will give you some more, starting with our new Oogie Boogie figurine we scored from the local Walgreens a few weeks ago.

Standing about 4 inches tall and highly textured, this cool collectible from Tim Burton's holiday classic The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect addition to your personal Halloween Town shelf.

Check out our photo gallery below!

'Honeyspider' Official Trailer Revealed

The official trailer has arrived for the upcoming Halloween-themed horror feature Honeyspider, which takes place in 1989 on Halloween day and follows a college student as she slowly unravels, while a mysterious stranger watches over her.

Honeyspider is described as a cult throwback that pays homage to the classics, but also introduces original ideas to the genre. You can scroll down to watch the new trailer, and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Rob Zombie's 'Halloween' Michael Myers Knife Prop [Photo Gallery]

Our annual trip the nearest Spirit Halloween store found surprisingly little in the way of Michael Myers-related items featured in the store, limited to just two masks and an officially licensed plastic replica knife prop from Rob Zombie's Halloween.

We couldn't resist taking the knife home for around $10, so we figured we would share a few images of the product, which comes fittingly pre-stained with blood.

Check out our photo gallery below!

[Interview] 'Halloween 6' Writer Daniel Farrands on the Producer's Cut Finally Coming Home

On September 29, 1995, the sixth entry in the Halloween movie franchise Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers opened in theaters. Today, 19 years later, we are celebrating last week's first ever official release of the original version of the film, known as the "Producer's Cut", as part of the epic Complete Collection Blu-ray box set (read our review) .

Just yesterday, we talked to Halloween 6 writer Daniel Farrands extensively about both cuts of the film, the long road for the Producer's Cut to finally get its proper release, and his involvement in the future of the franchise. You can check out a preview of our chat with Farrands below, and then come back in October for the full interview!

Go Inside The Myers House at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 24

Universal Studios Orlando has released a new video that takes you inside this year's Halloween House attraction at the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights 24.

The haunted house looks pretty awesome, with numerous Michaels stalking around every corner, imagery from many of the films, and even some little kid-sized trick-or-treaters wearing the classic Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III.